Academic Calendar

>> Grading policies
    a. Procedures for Calculation Standards for Students’ Final Grades
    b. Ming Chuan University Procedures for Students’ Grades Correction

>> Admissions policies
    a. CHANNELS of Admission for Domestic Students
    b. POLICES and PROCEDURES of Admission for Foreign Students

>> Tuition and fees, and refund policies

>> Advertising and recruitment materials
    that are available to current and prospective students that show the accreditation status with MSCHE and any other U.S. Department of Education approved agencies

>> Course catalog

>> Student handbook(s)

 > Other Data for Students
        a. Graduation and completion rate for the student body disaggregated by gender and ethnicity
        b. Overall cohort graduation rate
        c. Process for withdrawing as a student
           See Chapter 5 (Articles 26-31) in General Provisions for Study
        d. Cost of attendance (i.e. net tuition calculator)
        e. Names of applicable accrediting agencies
            e-1. AACSB
            e-2. HEEACT
        f.  Description of facilities and accommodations available for the disabled
        g. Policy on enrollment in study abroad
        h. As appropriate, licensure pass rates for the most recent three-years [for teaching license]
        i. Policies covering satisfactory academic progress, attendance and leave of absence
           See Chapter 7 (Articles 40-43), Chapter 3 (Articles 19, 21) and Chapter 5 (Articles 26-31) in General Provisions for Study
        j. Written description of the methods used to collect and review information (j-1) on student outcomes and (j-2) licensure pass rates
            j-1. The methods used to collect and review information on student outcomes
            j-2. Licensure pass rates

 > Academic program-specific information
        – Academic program requirements
        – Student performance in academic programs and their successful completion
        – Student employment after graduation
        – Student performance on licensing exams (as required for certain professions, e.g. teaching license pass rate for Teacher    Education Center)

>> Transfer of Credit Policies
    a. Statement of criteria established by the institution regarding the transfer of credit earned at another institution of higher education (written policies and procedures for making decisions about the transfer of credits earned at other institutions, including all modes of delivery)
    b. Procedures that indicate the office(s) responsible for the final determination of the acceptance or denial of transfer credit

>> Articulation Agreements
    published and accessible list of institutions with which the institution has established an articulation agreement